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Lone Wolfe LLC, Hunt Booking Services was formed in 1998. I personally oversee all operations of the business. I have intentionally kept the business small to allow me to focus on both my clients needs and the outfitters that I represent. The major goal of Lone Wolfe LLC is to represent only a limited number of outfitters who are the best in their given field. I have hunted with or plan on hunting with all the outfitters that I represent. Working and hunting with a limited number of outfitters allows me the ability to experience their operation on a first hand basis. With the high cost of hunts, none of us can afford to have to repeat a hunt due to the lack of performance of a poor outfitter. You will always be able to find a less expensive hunt than those on my site, but price alone should never be the major factor when booking a hunt. I would rather spend a little more money upfront and do the hunt right the first time, than having to pay the cost of a second hunt. The old adage that you get what you pay for is very true with outfitters. I will try to match a hunt with your requests and requirements. If I currently do not have a hunt listed that fits your needs, contact me with the details and I will do a custom search. Thank you for considering my service. I look forward to working with you.

Richard Wolfe



There is no charge for my service.
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