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Moose Hunts
Northwest Territories and Newfoundland

Northwest Territories Moose Hunts

Hunt # 1

                    This hunt occurs in the in the wilderness of the Mackenzie Mountains. The hunting concession is 5,000 square miles in the heart of the Mackenzie Mountains. To ensure an abundance of mature bull moose the outfitter maintains a conservative moose harvest. This area is one of the best locations to hunt the largest sub-species of North American moose. The Hunt is conducted during the peak of the rut. During this time, the outfitter concentrates exclusively on taking trophy moose, and limits the number of moose taken each year. The moose taken each season consistently average between 55" - 65". This allows the outfitter to operate in a sustainable manner with extremely high success rates. This outfitter uses horses, airplanes and river rafts to assist hunters in a variety of hunting methods. This in turn enables the outfitter to extend the hunting career of the mature hunter. Most of their mountain hunts are done from spike camps, with your own professional guide. Two base camps are utilized which both have wilderness conveniences such as satellite communications, demand propane hot showers, individual client quarters and cook shacks. The objective is to have clients go home with the best trophy they are physically capable of taking. Included in this hunt are food, lodging, guides and opportunity to hunt wolf, wolverine and fish. As well as field preparation of trophies. Not included are 3.5% GST on hunt cost, Licenses, tags & royalties. Helicopter transportation to camp return - $3,000 per person and meat subject to space availability. Caribou can also be hunted as an add-on animal on both Dall Sheep and Alaska/Yukon Moose hunts.

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Northwest Territories Moose gallery

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All prices quoted in Canadian funds.

Alaska/Yukon Moose or Mountain Caribou - 10 Day Hunt (one hunter/one guide)
Wolf, Wolverine & Fishing
$15,500 September 7-15; September 9-18

Helicopter/Airplane/Riverboat/ATV assisted hunt
• First animal Moose or Caribou - trophy fee included
• Second animal - $4,000 trophy fee

Price includes:
• Food, lodging & Guides while in camp
• Field preparation of trophies

Not included:
3% GST on all hunt costs for non-residents
• Export permit fees - $200/trophy
• Licenses, Tags & royalties - $400 (subject to change)
• Helicopter charter from Norman Wells to camp and return - $3,000 per person
(subject to change)
Non-hunting companion - $3,000

Hunt will be considered booked upon receipt of a deposit.
Purchase of travel/cancellation insurance is strongly recommended to protect your hunting investment.


Newfoundland Moose, Caribou, and Bear Hunts


Non Resident Permit Rates



Woodland Caribou

$ 475


Sept. 10 ≠ Nov. 5

Black Bear

$ 100


Sept. 10 ≠ Nov. 5


$ 365


Sept. 10 ≠ Nov. 5

Hunt # 1

                    This hunt occurs in the Central and Western portion of Newfoundland in the Long Range Mountain region.Accommodations for this 6 day hunt will be from log/wood structures featuring wood stoves, running water, showers and a full time cook preparing the best in home style meals.This outfitter provides transportation to the various camps via helicopter.The helicopter assures that the hunt schedules are kept under the difficult fall weather conditions and most importantly assures that your game will be taken out to a cooler quickly.Newfoundland moose population is approximately 120,000 equating to approximately 5 animals per square mile.

The Woodland Caribou along with the moose were introduced on the island of Newfoundland (some 42,000 sq. miles) in the early 1900ís.With the absence of wolves the island hosts a healthy population of both species.This outfitter controls 9 separate hunting camps allowing the flexibility to move hunters to the different locations based on game distribution at the time of the hunt. Hunts begin with your arrival to Stephenville, Newfoundland.Costs not included with hunt are Non resident permits (see above for costs), gratuity, and federal and provincial tax (NST 15%).(photo gallery)

Hunt package # 1

Guide Ratio

Hunt Cost

Eastern Moose or Woodland Caribou (Rut hunt) (1 species ) Drive In

1 Guide per 1 Hunter

$ 5,495

Eastern Moose andWoodland Caribou (Rut hunt) (2 species ) Drive In

1 Guide per 1 Hunter

$ 6,795

Fly in Custom Trophy Rut Moose hunt for 2 animals

1 Guide per 1 Hunter (4-8 days)

$ 12,000

Black Bear in combination with any above hunts

Trophy fee

$ 1,495


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