Lone Wolfe, LLC: Hunting Booking Services
Lone Wolfe, LLC: Hunting Booking Services


Wyoming Antelope and Deer Hunts


Nonresident Mule deer tag   $ 273.00

Nonresident Antelope  $ 238.00

Nonresident Youth deer tag   $ 122.00

Nonresident Youth Antelope  $ 122.00


                      This hunt occurs at the ranch located in the middle of the Powder River Basin in central Wyoming. Lodging is from the home camp with home cooked meals and toilet facilities (Lodge photos). The ranch is located about 50 miles from Casper or Douglas. Air flight is available to Casper and rental vehicles are available. Archery hunts begin in Mid August and average over 95% success rate. Hunting is done from ground blinds, tree stands, and windmills. Shots are usually under 25 yards. 65 % of the archery hunters have taken P&Y animals. Rifle and muzzle loader hunts are also available. These hunts are 3 days in length and have had a 100% success in the past. Hunting is done from 4 wheel drive vehichles. Spot and stalk methods are primarily used for the rifle hunts. Combination deer and antelope hunts are available and are highly successful. This outfitter has had a 100% success rate on these combo hunts as well. These combo hunts are 4 days in length with a 2 hunter per 1 guide ratio (2X1). Both deer hunts and antelope hunts are draw hunts and the draw deadline is mid March. There can be leftover tags available prior to the hunt but are on a first come first serve basis.The outfitter has had 100 percent draw success in the past. The outfitter has access to around 75 thousand acres to hunt. On these combo hunts typically deer hunting is done during the early morning and early evening and antelope hunting is done during the middle of the day. Mule deer bucks range between 22 to 26 inches wide and between 155 to 175 B@C points. The antelope range between 13 to 15 inches and average between 70 to 80 B@C points. Rifle season for deer usually opens the first part of October. Total hunters taken per season are limited to maintain high quality herd numbers. This outfitter also has non-trophy antelope and deer hunts. (photo gallery)


Wyoming Deer-Antelope Hunt # 1

2 hunters per 1 guide ratio

4 day Rifle Trophy Deer Hunt

$ 3,800

4 day Rifle Trophy Deer-Antelope combo hunt

$ 4,600

3 day Non-Trophy Deer Hunt
(3 point or less on 1 side)

$ 2,100

3 day Non-Trophy Combo Deer-Antelope Hunt (Deer 3 point or less on 1 side,
Antelope up to 13")

$ 2,500

5 day Archery Antelope hunt

$ 2,000

3 day Trophy Rifle Antelope Hunt

$ 2,000

2 day Rifle Non Trophy Antelope hunt
(up to 13")

$ 1,450


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